The applications on this page are related to language learning.
Parler 100 is for French, Minitalia for Italian, Hablando for Spanish, Meister D for German, FALA for Portuguese, PelaPera for Japanese and EnglishSkills for English.
These apps were made with the image of a laboratory language in mind. In other words one app is basically a mini-labo, specific for one language, that fits in a pocket.
The sentences presented have been chosen mainly for beginners with no previous knowledge. They have also been selected for their use in daily life or for their usefulness in the process of building a basic knowledge of the language.
The apps can be extended, with custom sentences, fitting the taste and needs of the user. This makes them valuable tools also for intermediate and advanced students.
Go to iTunes and download the app by clicking on one of the icons below, or click the link to see a quick presentation and a few screen shots. The QR codes under the links allow you to go to iTunes by taking a picture using a QR code reader application.

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If you want to learn Spanish but do not use an iOS device, or for some reason prefer some other studying resources. You may want to check out Rocket Spanish or Synergy Spanish and see if you like it.